How To Stop Human Trafficking

The question that keeps ringing in the minds of those who have ever heard of or fallen victim to human traffickers is how to deal with this growing problem. How to stop human trafficking is a matter that is being looked into by both local and global governments, as well as private and non-profit organizations, so as to assure people of safety in all aspects of their daily lives.

Human smuggling has become the modern way of slavery. What was thought to be gone so many decades ago, is forcefully taking a toll in the lives of vulnerable and unsuspecting individuals. It is slowly turning out to be a multi-billion dollar market place where people are being smuggled, bought and enslaved.

The vice is not only bad for those who fall victim. It is bad for the community as a whole. Other than the psychological, economic and personal toll that it has on the individual, entire communities, and even countries, suffer as they fall victim to more and more corruption. It may look like cheap labor to those who take advantage of the helpless victims by forcibly employing them, but these are still people that deserve basic human rights and freedoms.

Victims get transported in varied ways. These may include the use of planes, buses, cars and trains among many other means of transport. It is a disturbing truth that dealing with this problem is not easy. Counterfeit identifications are almost always used by traffickers. Victims are also given counterfeit identifications making it hard to discover them.

Recognizing the damage that this act can cause to the community at large and finding ways of tackling it is required. The US government is therefore dedicated to having strict penalties for convicted traffickers. On the other hand, a protection and support service for the victims has also been implemented but is still incomplete.

More investigation on circumstances surrounding this vice is necessary. This will hopefully create a clearer picture as to the extent of this problem and also help all interested parties to find ways on how to stop human trafficking. This is to be done in conjunction with embassies so that clear reports on the smuggling of children, women and men can be made across international boundaries.

Close monitoring of the human smuggling reports is also a necessity. For a complete eradication of human trafficking, trends need to be closely studied so as to come up with strategies for combating them. Working with global communities is a way of ensuring that human smuggling is dealt with in a wholesome way. If any country is looking for ways on how to stop human trafficking, it needs to be willing to work hand in hand with other countries.

This phenomenon will require a lot of finances and logistical planning to undertake. There is a need for funding of research organizations looking into the details of human trafficking.

For research processes to prevail and stand the tests of time through all impending changes, local and international funding is also necessary. Non-governmental as well as governmental organizations need to be supported at all levels in their efforts.

Education and creation of awareness is a must to get all vulnerable parties adequately equipped and informed. Having access to both private sector and governmental funding would ease the formation of outreach programs to get people well protected against violence and abuse.

Anti trafficking legislation enactment in the US and internationally needs to be a requirement. This should be backed up by the employing of qualified and well-trained law enforcement officials, judicial officers, prosecutors, investigators, detectives, border guards and anti trafficking police.

Anti human smuggling police units need to be set up and properly trained. These would help in the enactment of justice through the freeing of victims, assistance with investigations, detection of trafficking groups and enforcement of justice to all victims on all levels. The victims would then get protection and support through the ordeal while traffickers would be prosecuted.

Educating of people on the dangers of falling victim to human traffickers is important. Being that these traffickers pose as friends and promise so many great things, it is necessary to authenticate any easy offers from strangers so as not to fall victim to such lies.

Towards this end, the Justice department has already made resources available. If you get any hint of the possibility of human smuggling, it is necessary to get in touch with the Worker Exploitation Task Force or the Department of Trafficking in Persons through the available complaint lines. The primary phone number is 1-888-428-7581. More information is available here:

People should be empowered through adequate knowledge and such helpline numbers made publicly known and available. One’s immigration status should not be a hindrance to accessibility of help during a distress call. There is need to have interpreters who can speak to victims in their local languages so as to make them more at ease in reporting of human smuggling cases and also to provide effective understanding.

The work on how to stop human trafficking may still be a daunting task to persons without the right knowledge. However, with support from all affected sectors and complete interest in helping people to know their rights, solutions would definitely be found both from a local and global front.